Ramen Noodle Salad | Cathy’s Vegan Kitchen

This is served hot or cold ramen noodle salad The recipe is a healthy, vegan version that mom used to make. This delicious Asian Ramen Noodle Salad recipe is the perfect summer meal for lunch, dinner, barbecue or potluck. Make it in 10 minutes for a quick and easy meal.

Ramen noodle salad on a plate on the counter

The memory of my mom’s ramen noodle salad brings a smile to my face. If I remember correctly, a family party wasn’t a party without it. But, since converting to a plant-based diet, I was surprised ramen noodles aren’t all vegetarian. Many ramen noodles contain not only oil, but also animal products. And many recipes call for dry ramen noodles instead of cooking them. My Salad is a cooked ramen noodle salad recipe with fresh vegetables and oil-free dressing.