Redefine serving meat at all 29 enchilada locations in Germany and multiple restaurants across Italy – vegetarian

Redefine Meat announced the launch of the Redefine Burger at all 29 enchilada restaurants in Germany, as well as the commercial launch of its New-Meat at several restaurants in Italy.

Daniel Gantenberg, CEO of Enchilada Franchise AG, recently ranked fourth in the Proveg ranking of vegan-friendly restaurant chains, explains, “Demand for plant-based options is growing, both among vegetarians and vegans, but also increasingly among flexible individuals who are looking for. For a high-quality plant-based alternative without sacrificing the taste of meat.”

New-meat products, made with non-GMO plant-based ingredients using “a range of breakthrough technologies from materials science and additive manufacturing to artificial intelligence and machine learning”, are now available to thousands of foodservice providers across the UK. Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Monaco, Cyprus and Israel.

Redefine the burger
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Italian food service on

The company’s new-meat range of plant-based products is also now available in restaurants nationwide across Italy through its strategic distribution European partner, Giraudi Meats. A select group of Italian restaurants will serve New-Meat to the public starting today, as follows:

  • Impact Food (Rome)
  • Soul Kitchen (Turin)
  • Biffbar (Milan)
  • Joe’s American BBQ (Milan)
  • Joe Bastianich’s Smash Burger (Milan & Rome)
  • Restaurant Guapo (Verona)
  • Cassiara Restaurant (Milan)
  • Deluxe Pirate (Codogno)
  • Restaurant Meals (Settimo Turinese, Turin)
  • Queen Restaurant (Marina di Massa)
  • Linfa Restaurant (Milan)

The Italian commercial launch follows a successful pilot of New-Meat in selected restaurants in key Italian cities, from casual dining establishments to steakhouses, right up to fine dining and Michelin-star restaurants.

Escher Ben-Shitrit, CEO and co-founder of Redefine Meat, commented: “When it comes to food, Italians demand the highest quality – it’s non-negotiable. As a result, the alternative meat industry remains largely underdeveloped to this day. Following the huge success of New-Meat in Italy – receiving praise from the best chefs and high consumer demand for our products – we believe we have a unique proposition for the Italian market that offers the meat-eating experience expected by meat lovers, without compromise. . With the help of our industry-leading partner, Giraudi, we have a first-class distribution channel that will enable us to rapidly expand nationwide and meet our aggressive growth goals.”

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