Romesco willow Cathy’s Vegan Kitchen

Romesco willow A Spanish-style sauce made with simple ingredients in 10 minutes. Add raw or roasted vegetables as a pasta or pizza sauce, or mash your potatoes. Your taste buds will love you! This romesco sauce recipe is my new favorite sauce.

Romesco sauce recipe in a bowl on the table.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve sampled various romesco sauce recipes from various restaurants in my area. For example, I ordered vegan Spanish potatoes with romesco sauce, micro-greens and pistachios at The Mick Brasserie. in Postinos, I ordered the roasted cauliflower with romesco, passed out and went to heaven. So, as usual, I decided to make a homemade romesco sauce recipe, but of course oil-free. And, my version is quick and easy!