Shake Shack Unveils First Vegan Patty, Adds Notco Milkshake and Custard to Permanent Menu

US burger chain Shake Shack has announced that it is adding three plant-based items to its permanent menu, including the Veggie Shack, its first 100% vegan patty. The chain will also make its non-dairy chocolate shake and non-dairy frozen custard, a new part of its core menu created in partnership with NotCo.

“These impressive additions to our core menu give our guests more options”

Note: To be completely vegetarian, Veggie Shack must be ordered without cheese, sauces and lettuce wraps instead of buns.

According to Shake Shack, the new Veggie Shack required months of extensive R&D and taste testing at New York City locations. Made with whole grains and seasonal vegetables, the patty is topped with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, carrots, farro and quinoa, American cheese (non-vegan), crispy onions, pickles and salsa (non-vegan).

The burger costs $8.29, and will be available starting Friday, May 5, but Shack app users have exclusive early access on Tuesday, May 2.

Veggie Shack with vegan milkshake and custard
© Shake Shack

Also joining the permanent menu are two frozen treats: non-dairy chocolate shake and non-dairy frozen custard, which Shake Shack developed in 2022 with food tech startup NotCo.

The non-dairy chocolate shake ($6.39) features hand-spun chocolate custard made with nutmilk, while the frozen custard offers chocolate scoops of nutmilk-based custard for $4.69 and up. Both items are launching on Tuesday, May 2.

“A Clear Statement of Our Powers”

“Partnering with Shake Shack has been a dream of mine and one of the most ambitious milestones for NotCo,” said Matias Muchnick, CEO and Founder, NotCo. “Having a customized NotCo product in Shake Shack stores nationwide is a clear statement of our ability to create improved custom-made delicious and profitable versions of products that appeal to the mass market in record time.”

Shack Shack previously introduced a veggie burger, the Shroom Burger, in 2014, but the patty contains cheese and cannot be made vegetarian. In 2022, Chain Partnership with NotCo to trial its first non-dairy milkshakes and custards at select locations in New York and Florida.

Shake Shack + NotCo Milkshakes
© Shake Shack

In addition to their food service partnership, Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer also became one Investors in NotCo Ahead of their planned IPO in 2021.

Last year, Meyer invested in another fast-growing plant-based brand — Atlanta-born burger chain Slutty Vegan. In May 2022, Meyer participated in a Series A round with Sluti Vegan founder and CEO. Pinky Cole raised $25M to fuel his company’s expansion.

Founded in 2004, Shake Shack operates 360 locations worldwide, including 240 in the United States. Most of its restaurants are located in New York, Texas and Florida.

A fine dining approach

“Since we started Shake Shack in 2004, our mission has been to serve up enhanced versions of classics that not only taste great, but are made with premium ingredients,” shared Jay Livingston, Chief Marketing Officer, Shake Shack. “We take a fine-dining approach to culinary innovation and spent five years testing and refining our new Veggie Shack with our culinary team. It’s loaded with a variety of garden vegetables and powered by farro and quinoa for a hearty, substantial bite.”

Non-dairy milkshakes and custards
© Shake Shack

He added, “We are also excited about our new non-dairy items – Non-Dairy Chocolate Shake and Non-Dairy Chocolate Frozen Custard made with plant-based milk from food tech leader NotCo. These impressive additions to our core menu give our guests more options, and we can’t wait to roll them out to Shack fans across the country.”

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