Steamed bunny bun with peanut and black sesame fillings

Happy Lunar New Year! May your Year of the Rabbit be full of happiness, health and happiness!祝你兔年幸福安康!

These soft and fluffy steamed buns are filled with peanuts and black sesame paste and shaped into cute little bunnies to mark the year of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac.

Watch the Bunny Steamed Bun Making Video/Tutorial 萌兔包子制作视频:


90 grams of cold milk 冷牛奶

20g sugar 细砂糖

1 tsp oil 花生油

150 g plain flour/Pau flour 中筋面粉/包粉

1/2 tsp instant dry yeast 即溶酵母

Fillings with peanuts and black sesame

40 g roasted black sesame seeds 炒香黑芝麻

40 g roasted peanut 花生

85 g castor sugar 细砂糖

50g salted butter (or use peanut oil/lard with a pinch of salt, adjust amount accordingly) 含盐牛油/花生油/猪油

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Method: 步骤

1. Process the black sesame and peanuts separately in a grinder, following the steps in the video tutorial. Mix all the ingredients for the fillings into a paste, adding more oil if needed. I made the fillings and the dough with Ninja Foodi Power Blender Ultimate System. This mixer set contains 5 implements in 1 base, including a grinder and a dough hook, which can be used to process nuts and knead dough easily.


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2. Cool the paste, divide and roll into small balls.

3. Meanwhile, prepare the dough. Place the dough blade in the ninja processor’s jug. Add all dough ingredients. Select the DOUGH function to knead the dough.

A simple recipe using the Ninja Foodi Power Blender Ultimate System:

Using the spice and coffee grinder, I ground the black sesame seeds and finely chopped the peanuts, then prepared the dough with the dough attachment.

4. When the dough is ready, turn the dough out onto the floured tabletop and knead for a few minutes until smooth. Divide the dough, roll into small balls. Roll out the dough, cover with fillings and shape into bunnies.

5. Let rise for about 50 minutes or double in size. Steam for 15 minutes. When it’s done, turn off the heat. Let it sit for 5 minutes before opening the lid.

做好后发酵50分钟或双倍大。蒸15分钟。 蒸好后熄火,待5分钟才把包子拿出。待凉后即可用。若喜欢我的食谱,可以LIKE和追随我的面书专页,不要错过最新食谱发布。

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