Switch to a safety razor

Do you want to switch to a safety razor? Learn how to use a safety razor and what is the best safety razor to switch to and you’ll be off to a good start. Disposable razors are a thing of the past!

I’m someone trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle and I know full well how bad disposable razor blades and heads can be for the environment. Once I almost stepped on a razor blade on the beach! But it still took me a while to switch to a safety razor.

Full transparency: My husband switched to a safety razor years ago and seeing how flimsy and small the razor blade was and the process of assembling it drove me absolutely insane. I was afraid I would cut myself open. I also mistakenly believed that razors were only for men (NOT TRUE!) so this post took a long time to write.

I would also like to add that shaving is of course 100000% optional. I don’t shave all my body hair, and sometimes I rarely do. Shave when you want and what you want – according to your personal preferences. Either way, more power for you!

What is a safety razor?

Safety razors were a type of OG home razor that hit the market in the 19th century. They got their name because they technically offer a safer at-home shaving experience than the straight razors often used in barber shops. Safety razors are much smoother than typical drugstore razors and generally consist of a single (albeit very sharp) blade.

The blades are usually made of stainless steel and come in a variety of styles including: closed comb, open comb, adjustable and butterfly style. The best safety razor blade for women is usually a closed comb, since women’s hair is generally not as thick as men’s with a longer handle. Safety razors are always used for wet shaving.

Why switch to a safety razor?

The two main reasons are sustainability and price.

sustainability – Unlike typical drugstore razors, safety razor blades can be recycled. This means your razor handle can be reused indefinitely and all you have to do is replace the blade when it becomes dull. They generally generate a lot less waste and also a very small metal blade that can be recycled.

Price – Aside from the initial cost of the safety razor handle, typical safety blades cost about 10 cents each, saving you a LOT of money. Replacements usually come in large packs or cartridges, so you only need to buy 2 or 3 a year (depending on how often you shave).

Tips on using a safety razor

Using a safety razor takes a bit of getting used to for a beginner, but once you get the hang of it it’s really quite easy.

Be careful when changing blades, but I promise you won’t cut yourself – Yes, handling a very weak, thin blade feels scary, so be careful, but I promise you’ll be fine if you’re careful and slow!

Short movements – ignore everything the Gillette razor commercials taught you… you shouldn’t shave in long strokes (ie from your ankle to your knee). Keep your movements short, covering just a few inches at a time for a closer shave.

light touch – do not press hard! Aggression is tempting but unnecessary. You avoid cutting yourself if you touch it lightly.

Use a shaving oil – I personally prefer shaving oil to shaving cream, which is often full of unnecessary additives. Plus, shaving oil moisturizes your skin after you shave (especially important if you have sensitive skin), so it serves a dual purpose. My personal favorite is the Oui The People shaving gel. Using shaving oil/gel/cream will help you get a close shave and prevent irritation, ingrown hairs and razor burn

How often you should change your blades

Usually you need to replace your safety blade after about 10 shaves. However, for women, it really depends on the surface you are shaving. If you shave a lot of body hair, you should switch more frequently or less if it is infrequent.

The best safety razor

These are the four brands of safety razors that I recommend:

Well preserved – What I am currently using. A little pricey but a great Canadian women owned brand.

OUI the people – Another great women owned brand with tons of other skin care products and shaving accessories.

west coast shave – This is what C uses, but they offer longer grips for women (easier grip) which I recommend!

Merkur – They have been a very well known brand of safety razors since the 1800s. They offer tons of different styles and long handles for women.

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