Thanks to LeBron James, vegan documentary ‘The Game Changers’ gets a sequel

Almost four years have passed since the release game changer, Groundbreaking James Cameron-produced documentary that aimed to demonstrate the health and fitness benefits of a plant-based diet. And now, it’s almost time to do it all again. Game changer Thanks to Maverick Carter and LeBron James, it’s officially getting a sequel.

Featuring world-famous athletes including Lewis Hamilton, Jackie Chan, Patrick Babumian and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 2019-first documentary helped debunk the myth that meat is necessary for protein, garnering more than 100 million views and converting many. People stay away from animal products (including top bodybuilder Kai Greene).

For the sequel, Carter, a sports-marketing expert, and James, a professional basketball player (who are the duo behind SpringHill Company—a sports-focused entertainment and production platform) will team up with many members of the team behind the original. movie

But the new release is set to be directed by Stephanie Schwechtig and Christine Lazure, both of whom have already worked on several hard-hitting documentaries, including the critically acclaimed 2014 film Annoyed. The latter investigated the American food industry and its harmful effects on consumer health.

Let’s talk about the first effect Game changer Film, Soechtig and Lazure said there was “a lot more to unpack” around the topic. “We couldn’t be more excited to join this team,” they confirmed in a statement.

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Extending beyond the core The Game changer

Although elementary Game changer While the documentary primarily focuses on themes such as plant-based diets and their role in optimal athletic performance, and the myth that meat is essential to “masculinity” (“You get it, it’s marketing,” Schwarzenegger says in the film), the sequel sets a wide net to cast. either.

According to Entertainment News Platform Last date, the second film will also take a closer look at issues such as children’s health, the impact of our food system on the planet, and food justice. The latter is a particularly significant problem in the United States, where there are more than 6,500 desert areas (otherwise known as areas where healthy nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables are not easily accessible).

But just like the first film, producer Joseph Pace and athlete James Wilkes are set to join the new documentary.

To recap, Wilkes played a key role in the first Game changer. A former professional mixed martial artist and self-defense instructor plays the protagonist, anchoring the film through a journey of historical facts (Roman gladiators ate a mostly vegetarian diet, it turns out), the experiences of plant-based athletes, and the opinions of renowned medical experts, such as Scott Stoll. MD, and Walter C. Willett, MD, who advocates plant-based nutrition.

“Combined with SpringHill Company’s unparalleled track record of athlete-led storytelling with progressive content—Stephanie and Christine’s masterful ability to weave compelling personal narratives with hard-hitting investigative journalism—we couldn’t be more thrilled about this team,” Wilkes said of the sequel. in a statement.

When is ‘The Game Changers 2’? Going to get released?

Last date Also confirmed that several of the original executive producers will join James, Carter, Wilkes and Pace and return for the second installment. Game changer.

“This is a unique opportunity to expand cultural dialogue Game changer Food can play a fundamental role in solving some of the most pressing problems of our time, Philip Byron, head of Unscripted and Docs at The Springhill Company, said in a statement.

“Springhill Company has evolved into a full-service production company, and we are thrilled that James Wilkes and Joseph Pace chose us to help produce their highly anticipated sequel, and equally excited to work with Stephanie and Christine on what will hopefully be the first of many projects,” She continued.

At the moment, no title has been confirmed for the second film Game changer Series or release date. But if you want to go back and remind yourself of the first film, it’s currently streaming on platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV.

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