The 5 best natural eyeshadow brands for every eye color

Looking to switch to a natural eyeshadow brand? This list of the best natural eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes will help you make that switch. From cruelty-free to vegan, these natural eyeshadow looks have you covered!

I love playing with eyeshadow and had so much fun testing a variety of colors and products! Whether you love natural eye makeup or like to play with bold colors, I have recommendations and tips for the best natural eyeshadows for you.

Tips to start using eyeshadow

If you’re new to eyeshadow, I know it can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! I have three main tips:

  1. Start small. Don’t feel like you have to give it your all in the beginning. There’s no need to tackle a full eye look, just start with a color that’s fairly neutral and practice applying it to your eyelid with a fluffy brush!
  2. Mix, mix and mix some more. If I’ve learned one thing from countless makeup artists on YouTube, it’s that blending your powder is SO important! Use a light hand to blend out the edges of your eyeshadow so you don’t have any sharp lines. You can’t mix too much trust me!
  3. Build if needed! If you feel like you can’t see your color or want a bolder look, you can always build! Slowly add more color and keep blending each layer.

Selection of eyeshadow colors

Depending on your eye color, the eyeshadow color you wear can really make your eyes pop! However, I don’t think there are rules when it comes to makeup – play with color and matte, add shimmer, glitter and sparkle, stick to neutral colors, you do it!

Brown eyes – Luckily (and me!) we can wear almost any color with our brown eyes. Experiment with fun colors or stick to neutral looks. Pretty much every color adds dimension and depth.

Blue eyes – Flashback to learn about the color wheel. Orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel, meaning they are complementary colors. This doesn’t mean you have to wear straight orange eyeshadow, but rather use colors with orange undertones such as copper, rust, gold and bronze for a complementary natural eyeshadow look.

Green and hazel eyes – Red is the opposite of green on the color wheel. So if you are adventurous, go for a red or burgundy eye look! If you want a more natural look, look for shades with red undertones like bronze or deep red/brown.


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