The Best Lululemon Men’s Shorts (Review!)

We tested every pair Lululemon men’s shorts (for a variety of workouts and casual wear!) and compiled all of our favorites.

Read on to learn more about our popular Lululemon shorts for activities like running, strength training, HIIT and more. Also our favorites for casual wear with the family!

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When the Fit Foodie Husbands work out, you’ll no doubt find them in a pair of Lululemon men’s shorts! Be it the pace breaker for a run, the commission for a round of golf or the bowline for a day at the park with the kids.

You really can’t go wrong with our top picks Lululemon’s men’s shortswhich includes:

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We tested each type of Lululemon shorts for at least 30 daysand although we have been compensated, these opinions are our own.

Lululemon shorts fit true to size, but in our experience they are a bit narrower than other sports shorts. In some cases, if you have a wider frame, we recommend going up one size. Mark (6’1″) and Bryce (6’0″) both wear Lululemon men’s shorts in size L or 34″.

Wear Lululemon shorts for the planned activity or use to extend the life of the shorts.

License for short training

Top choice for sweaty workouts

The License to Train Short is an absolute must for running and HIIT workouts. The fabric is super sweat-wicking, which means they’re super light and airy even during a super sweaty workout.

If you sweat a lot or typically do high-intensity workouts, these workout shorts are for you. Pro tip: we love the liner version for a little more ball support!

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Pace Breaker Short

Top choice for running

The Pace Breaker is Mark’s classic Lululemon training short for everything – he wears it for strength training, yoga and running. They are light and airy and super breathable. We love that they come in a liner and linerless version, and multiple lengths. Mark wears the 5″ version.

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Bowline short

Top choice for casual shorts

The bowline shorts are new to our collection and we can’t get enough of them for casual and outdoor wear! The fabric is stronger and more durable than traditional sports shorts, but still wicks away moisture. Because these are drawstring pull-on shorts, you also have a bit of flexibility with sizing.

We like to carry them when we are out with the kids, but we also take them with us on our next camping trip.

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commission short

Top choice for unusual occasions

You can dress up these commission shorts both dressy and casual! And frankly, when we’re not training, you’ll probably find us in commission shorts.

We’ve carried the commissions for everything from weddings to rounds of golf to professional meetings. The button and fly can be worn with a belt – they are SO elegant. But don’t worry, these shorts still wick moisture when you’re taking the kids to the park.

We’ve collected (more than) a few colors of these shorts over the years and they really last! You can find us in the 7 inch version, but there is also a 9 inch version.

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New venture short

Another great option for casual wear

The New Venture shorts are also shorts that can be worn dressy or casual. Just like the Commission, we wear these casually around town or while lounging at home. The large pockets fit your wallet and phone without looking bulky, and the drawstring tucks into the shorts for a dressier look.

We like to think of these shorts as pull-on commission shorts with a similar fit, feel and texture to the fabric.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by lululemon. We have been compensated and all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting Fit Foodie Finds!

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