The Boom Family Story: How it all began. Part 2 – Toronto Lunch and Brunch

Jeff started learning the ropes in the kitchen with his father as a child and today he hasn’t changed much. He remains an integral part of the Boom Family brand—managing the kitchen, overseeing operations, and treating staff and customers like family.

“Even when I was on my way to the Vaughan [Boom] a location that opened in 2012,” says Jeffrey, “I was stopping in St. Clair where my father was and we had an espresso together. It was part of my day because we are family. That’s how it’s always been.”

Today, James leads the management team at Boom Breakfast & Co. along with Jeffrey. Jeffrey operated the Vaughan location for its first eight years and now oversees special projects as they continue the legacy that inspired Tony: one focused on family, friends and, of course, food. When they’re at restaurants, James always orders Farmer Gianni and Jeff gets the Chickadilla.

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