The fifth generation of the Handtman family will lead the Handtman Group of companies – vegetarian

The Handtmann Group, employing approximately 4,100 people worldwide and represented in more than 100 countries, announces that Markus Handtmann and Valentin Ulrich represent the fifth generation of the Handtmann family to take over the management of the Handtmann Group of Companies, effective 1st April 2023.

Twenty-five years ago, Thomas Handtman took over the management of the family business from his father, Arthur Handtman. Turnover has quadrupled between then and now to 1.1 billion euros. At the end of June 2023, Thomas will move to the advisory board and hand over responsibility for the company group to son Markus Handtmann and nephew Valentin Ulrich.

“From a medium-sized enterprise in Upper Swabia, we have grown into an internationally operating technology company. What is important to me personally is that throughout this time we have always been a family business and Handtmann has a strong feeling among many working people. People make handymen. They are the key to our success,” shares Thomas Handtmann.

Handman's Food Processing Equipment
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Future course

Both Markus Handtmann and Valentin Ulrich have mechanical engineering and management experience and previously held various management positions at Handtmann and other companies. Valentin Ulrich, previously CFO in the management of the F&P division, outlined the company’s future course: “Issues such as internationalization, innovation, digitalization and openness to new ways of working are crucial for Handman’s future.”

Markus Handtmann commented: “Our aim is to position Handtmann well for the future so that we can continue on the path to success. Our group of companies is widely diversified, has a strong investor base and employs a large number of passionate people. We are very happy to lead this team from now on.”

Founded in 1873 as an artisan brass foundry, Handtmann will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2023. For more information, visit

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