The pros of ordering the Chicken Bolt started

Starter pallets are a great way to add to your backyard chicken flock. There are many benefits to ordering chicken nuggets that are starting versus young chicks. We offer rare breeds for sale, including some of the top 10 chicken breeds selected by the My Pet Chicken staff. These teens will surely add fun and entertainment to your backyard chicken flock!

Prominent rock bullet

What is chicken radish?

Bolt are female chickens less than one year old. Young cuttings for sale aged 6-9 weeks. They are completely covered with feathers and no longer dependent on a heat source. These pallets are ready to live outside unless you live in a freezing climate, as they may need a transition period.

The pallet is great for those who don’t want to raise chicks.

As cute as they are, baby chicks are messy and take a long time to raise! Cooked chicken nuggets are an excellent option for people who don’t have the time, equipment, or inclination to care for chicks. Our strollers ship at 6-9 weeks old, so they’re still young enough to bond with and socialize with. The hardest part of raising young chicks has been done for you!

Less chance of getting cock.

The rooster and the cream bird Legbar stand next to each other.
Lejabar chicken with cream

These chicken nuggets are for you if you don’t want or don’t want roosters in your backyard flock! Young chicks are sexed twice, once at hatching and again at six weeks of age, which reduces your chance of ending up with an unwanted rooster.

Low minimum orders for starting chicken nuggets.

Minimum order is just 2 or 3 chicks, depending on the time of year! This is an excellent option for those of you who want to add just a few birds to your backyard flock but can’t meet the high minimum order requirements.

Start getting fresh eggs sooner!

Colored chicken eggs are displayed in egg cartons.

You are one step closer to getting fresh eggs from your own backyard by purchasing chicken nuggets. On average, chickens start laying eggs at the age of 6 months. When you start buying, there’s less waiting time until you get your first fresh egg in the backyard.

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