The report found a “significant increase” in plant-based diets in India – vegetarianism

A report by the Plant Based Foods Industry Association of India (PBFIA) found that plant-based eating is becoming increasingly common in the country.

Published at this year’s Plant-Based Food Conference, the report cites a survey that found that 67% of those who choose plant-based products are motivated by animal welfare issues. 54.1% cite environmental concerns, while 48.6% believe that plant-based foods have health benefits.

The promotion of plant-based foods by celebrities and influencers is also helping to drive demand, with 8.1% of survey respondents saying they like these foods because they’re trendy. Overall, there has been a “significant increase” in the consumption of vegan diets.

Market Challenges

Meat and dairy alternatives are becoming increasingly available and affordable in India, leading more consumers to buy them. However, they are still generally more expensive than traditional foods, which may act as a barrier to widespread adoption. A lack of infrastructure and supply chains means those in less populated areas may struggle to access these products.

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Meanwhile, the number of plant-based food producers in India is growing rapidly, but there are concerns that international brands may be able to compete by offering better or lower-priced products. The effects of climate change in India – such as droughts and floods – can also affect local companies

Plant protein clusters

Despite these challenges, it is suggested that India has the potential to form a plant-based market by becoming a major source of ingredients At the plant-based food conference, a concept was outlined that would make India a “plant protein cluster” by building centers for processing various grains and legumes.

Last year, PBFIA joined the International Plant-Based Foods Working Group to further support the growth of the Indian plant-based sector.

“The plant-based food industry has reached a critical moment, standing at the crossroads of tremendous opportunities and responsibilities,” said Mr. Sanjay Shetty, Executive Director, PBFIA. “We must navigate this path with integrity, innovation and an unwavering commitment to creating a better food system for both planet and people.”

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