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Wednesday 3 November 2021

HELLO. Whoa boy. 2021 was a Year. I’ve missed you for the last month or so. I know everyone is busy and life is hard but the truth is the last few months have been a sucker in our household. All is well but cooking dinner has fallen by the wayside and I’ve been dropping balls left and right including my weekly menu planning. One of you wonderful humans emailed me this week to check in and make sure everything is ok which was beyond sweet and thoughtful.

SO. My menu is late this week. But I’ll just get it published and try to get back on that food train! I’ve always firmly believed that planning and shopping for the start of the week makes life so much better. So, for the sake of my own sanity, I’ll come back to that.


  • Smoked breast with salad and cornbread



  • Rubio’s and Panda Express (real talk, y’all)


  • Hello fresh to the rescue! Italian chicken on lemon spaghetti


  • More Hello Fresh! Pork bowls with sweet chili


  • Hello Fresh again! Mushroom Chive Risotto


I appreciate you all so much! I love our little corner of the internet here This week for dinner. Can’t wait to see your menus and “see” you all again each week.

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