This Week for Dinner: Week 759 Menu + Thanksgiving!

Monday 21 November 2022

You know what’s so great about having family close by, something we never had until two years ago? Thanksgiving cooking help! Not only do I not have to cook everything, but we get more food. It’s a Dream.


  • NO IDEA. We’re painting our kitchen, which needs to be done before our floors get ripped out on Saturday, plus, you know, Thanksgiving. Our closets are currently empty and I have no idea when we’ll be in the store. Good luck, Maynard kids!


  • Leftover food + floors are ripped out and a week of pure madness begins… but no more cream carpet! woohoo!

Share your menus for the week! And be sure to share your Thanksgiving plans along with links to recipes if you have any. Can’t wait to see what everyone has cooked!

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