Three ways the Samsung Smart Slide In Range has made my life easier

So now I literally live in a smart apartment 🙂 My Samsung Smart Fridge with Family Hub, Washer/Dryer and Slider within reach all connect to the Smart Things app on my phone. From there I can control appliances without having to get up, or even be at home in some cases! But one of the main questions I ask myself is, “You actually use the technology?”

The answer to that is yes! But to be honest, I was initially surprised by how much I logged into the app. As a mother of two (my little one is only a few weeks old) I am often stuck on the couch breastfeeding or in the other room with my toddler. I can’t always run out of a timer, but I almost always have my phone next to me. Here are three examples of how the Samsung slider at hand has made my life easier.

  1. From my phone, I can set or adjust the temperature and cooking time of my Samsung Slide In Range from my phone. So if I’m breastfeeding Kaia or in the middle of something with Luca, I can cancel the timer or add a few more minutes until I’m free.
  2. Have you ever left the house and forgotten if you turned off the burner? Because I do it all the time (mom brain). You can actually log into the app and it will show you if any of the burners have been left on.
  3. So this isn’t a piece of tech, but the Samsung slide on hand is fingerprint resistant and any mom with young kids knows that’s a blessing in itself!

These gadgets are not only BEAUTIFUL, they are very useful to help make your life a little easier. Check out some of the other Samsung reviews for more details on the Samsung Smart Fridge.

This post is in partnership with Samsung USA

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