Time for UNDIET in 2023

Therefore, we should really resist the temptation of the next diet in 2023….

Trust me, as a former diet fad, I know how tempting the New Year’s diets can be.

It’s time to adopt a realistic and healthy mindset when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, because let’s face it, a crazy diet will only be short-lived. Healthy living must have a “forever” mindset.

This healthy mindset is the key to long-lasting changes that will last throughout the year.

Thousands of members of the JSHealth community have achieved incredible physical and mental results by following our philosophy!

So, here are my top nine tips to get you started.

  1. Start small – You don’t have to exert yourself, especially in the first week. Trying to completely remake your life overnight is overwhelming and you will likely become so exhausted that you will lose your motivation. So narrow down that list of resolutions and focus on making a small change or two each week for the year ahead.
  2. Always remember the balance – Life should be about balance in every respect! Enjoy all foods in moderation and eat foods that make you feel good. Follow JSHealth’s nutritional philosophy in our app and books.
  3. Learn to cook healthy meals that are easy and delicious – Don’t assume you have to cook fancy, complicated dishes. Our JSHealth recipes show you how easy healthy cooking can be.
  4. drink more water – If you are healthy, aim for at least two liters a day. If you’re struggling, try keeping a large bottle of water on your desk at work, and add lemon juice and fresh mint for a bit of extra flavor. Take a few big sips every hour on the hour. Dehydration can make you tired and hungry!
  5. embrace calm – Stress is the main cause of many problems, especially poor gut health. My suggestion is to spend 10-20 minutes each day in a “stress free” zone – this can be napping, reading a book, taking a bath or going on a bush walk. Set boundaries with social media and technology. My health rule is to turn off the phone and computer by 8 p.m.!
  6. Be flexible – Aim to eat well 80% of the time and allow yourself a 20% window of enjoyment or imperfect eating. Putting pressure on yourself to eat 100% well generally backfires — we tend to give up, overeat, and feast on the foods we think we’ve been missing. So give yourself permission to indulge in moderation and enjoy a treat or two a week. Trying to eat 100% well usually backfires – indulge in moderation
  7. Don’t follow what your family and friends are doing – Your friends mean well and may have great ideas, but what works for them may be very different from what you need. Focus on your unique body and take care of it accordingly
  8. be nice to yourself – You may not be able to twist into the crow pose or run 10 kilometers, but trust yourself that you tried. Love and appreciate yourself for all the amazing things you do and know that even those things took some time and practice.

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