Vegan brioche buns with chocolate chips

Below we will show you how to do it vegan Brioche buns with chocolate chips. They are without egg, sugar freeand done without any dairy products. Only plant-based goodness!

frequently asked Questions

Are brioche buns vegan?

Brioche is a traditional French bread enriched with eggs and lots of butter. The result is an airy bun with a rich and soft crumb, with a texture somewhere between bread and pastry. Also, the loaf or rolls are often brushed with a little egg water to give a dark, flaky crust.

Since classic brioche bread contains eggs and butter, it is not suitable for a plant-based diet.

However, with a few simple tweaks, we turned this recipe into a healthier, vegan-friendly treat that everyone can enjoy. We made these brioche buns vegan and weight loss friendly by replacing butter and eggs with vegetable oil and soy yogurt. Each bun has half the calories and 10 times less saturated fat, but a super soft crumb.

Can I make brioche dough in a bread machine?

Preparing this chocolate brioche in a bread machine is extremely convenient.

Because the brioche dough is very wet and sticky, you can’t knead it by hand. You’ll need a hand mixer or stand mixer with a dough hook instead.

But you can also let the bread machine do all the hard work for a no-fuss brioche recipe. The non-stick basket and special paddle found in bread machines are absolutely perfect for kneading almost any type of dough, especially brioche dough. Simply add ingredients, set the dough program and relax.

The bread machine can also do the proofing part, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the first fermentation is complete, shape the chocolate rolls using our recipe above.

How do you make brioche buns without eggs?

Eggs are a staple ingredient in the classic French brioche recipe. They are used in both the batter and egg wash to add richness and texture to this sweet bread.

If you have an egg allergy or are vegan, you can still make these fluffy rolls without eggs.

In our recipe, we replaced eggs with soy yoghurt. You can use any plant-based yogurt, like coconut or almond milks—just make sure it’s unsweetened to avoid unnecessary sugar.

Yogurt is an excellent egg substitute because it adds moisture and flavor and has satisfactory binding properties. Eggs are not used in the French brioche recipe to help with the leavening process as the yeast takes care of that. Therefore, you can safely substitute yogurt for them without affecting the overall consistency of your rolls.

How do you make brioche dough dairy free?

Brioche dough has a high butter content, about 200g (7 oz) per 500g (1.1 lbs) of flour. Using butter gives a rich, soft and flaky crumb and a crispy crust. It also gives the dough a slightly sweet taste.

Despite being incredibly delicious, brioche bread is not very healthy due to its high fat content, and certainly not suitable for people on a vegan diet or those who are lactose intolerant.

In our recipe, we reduced the total amount of fat and replaced butter with vegetable oil. Using oil instead of butter gives a less fluffy but nice moist crumb. And the best part is, you get half the fats and ten times less saturated fats in every bun. It is worth it!

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