Vegan Bulletproof Coffee – Conscious Eaters

Try this vegan bulletproof coffee as a way to jazz up your boring morning coffee with healthy fats and a delicious creamy taste!

Vegan Bulletproof Coffee frothed in a white stained mug with a metal spoon.

Have you ever tried the traditional bulletproof coffee? What do you think about it? How does it feel to you? If you’re not drinking Bulletproof Coffee, are you the type of person who’d rather have a dairy-free iced mocha or a pumpkin spice latte? Or maybe you absolutely hate coffee and only pay attention to coffee if it’s in a phrase like “blueberry coffee cake.” No matter what your favorite coffee drink is, I’m sure all coffee drinkers will enjoy this creamy, frothy vegan bulletproof coffee!


Why you’ll love this recipe!

  • If you like creamy, milky coffee, you’ll love this vegan bulletproof coffee! Almond butter and a touch of coconut oil make one mixed with hot coffee Thick and creamy cup of joe You’ll want to get out of bed for that!
  • This is bulletproof coffee Customizable. Feel free to use any kind of nut butter you have on hand or feel free to enjoy. Try homemade Nutella for a creamy mocha or vanilla cashew butter in a hot vanilla latte.
  • Sometimes plain, black coffee makes me feel boring. Adding some fat to my coffee helps counteract the caffeine and Gives me more sustained energy. Maybe it will do the same for you!


Coconut oil, almond butter, and black coffee are measured in small portions to make vegan bulletproof coffee.
  • Coffee – For this vegan bulletproof coffee you need hot, black coffee. You can brew your coffee using any method you prefer. I would recommend a basic black coffee instead of flavored coffee.
  • Nut butter – The almond butter in this recipe is what gives this bulletproof coffee its flavor and makes it nice and frothy. You can think of almond butter as a non-dairy milk. If you like almond milk in your coffee, choose almond butter. If you like cashew milk in your coffee, choose cashew butter. If you like mocha, opt for homemade Nutella or even chocolate peanut butter. Whatever flavor you prefer with your coffee, choose it!
  • coconut oil – I love coconut oil the most in this vegan keto coffee because it has a naturally sweet taste. If you don’t like coconut, you can use refined coconut oil. I would not choose vegetable oil or olive oil because vegetable oil is more processed and olive oil has a stronger smell.

See recipe card for full list of ingredients and quantities.


The beauty of using natural almond butter to make vegan bulletproof coffee is that it opens you up to some delicious variations. I actually got the idea after Gem Organics sent me a sample pack of their unique and decadent nut butter to try. I was pretty excited to try them out and have loved every flavor they’ve sent me so far. With that in mind, I was able to try these vegan bulletproof coffee variations:


  • the oil – If you’re trying to stay away from oil, I’m sure this recipe will work without oil, but just ½ teaspoon of coconut oil makes this vegan bulletproof coffee so rich and frothy.
  • Nut butter – Again, you can have whatever nut butter you like on hand!

How to Make Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

A butter knife drizzling coffee cashew nut butter back into the jar.

Step 1: Brew a black cup of coffee and choose a nut butter that you think will go well with the coffee.

A small blender jar filled with super frothy coffee.

Step 2: Place the black coffee, almond butter and coconut oil in a blender and blend until smooth and frothy. Pour coffee into a mug and enjoy!

A frothy Bulletproof coffee is being poured into a white and pink spotted mug.

Top tips

  1. When choosing a nut butter, think about what foods you enjoy paired with coffee. Do you like to eat a piece of chocolate with your coffee? Do you prefer vanilla latte or cinnamon latte? What non-dairy milk do you prefer in your coffee? Cashews? Nuts? Use your flavor preferences to help you choose an almond butter to pair with your coffee.
  2. Be careful mixing hot coffee! If you blend the coffee too long without letting the steam escape, it can build up a lot of pressure in your blender. So either blend for a short time or carefully use a blender with a steam vent.

Recipe FAQs

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is basically coffee blended with grass-fed butter and brain octane oil, resulting in a really frothy, creamy, fatty cup of joe. To make Bulletproof Coffee, all you do is combine coffee, butter, and brain octane oil in a blender and blend until smooth and frothy.

What inspired Bullet Proof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee was invented by Dave Asprey who, while traveling in Tibet, discovered how good the cultural drink of butter tea made him feel. Traditional butter tea is made with yak butter, which isn’t so easy to come by here in the States, so Dave created his own version of Bulletproof Coffee made with grass-fed butter and, additionally, added brain octane oil.

How do you make vegan bulletproof coffee?

To make vegan Bulletproof coffee, I like to mix my coffee with natural almond butter and a smidgen of coconut oil. This eliminates the grass-fed butter commonly found in Bulletproof coffee.

Can you make bulletproof coffee in advance?

If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, it’s possible to make traditional bulletproof coffee ahead of time. You can either refrigerate pre-made Bulletproof Coffee and reheat it in the morning or you can make Bulletproof Coffee Blocks that you mix with hot coffee in the morning.

Why should I drink Bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee is a high-fat beverage that Dave Asprey claims offers many benefits, including appetite suppression, long-lasting energy, and mental clarity. I can see where he’s coming from. Usually when I drink my coffee with some healthy fat, I don’t feel like I get the typical caffeine spike and crash because I drink a cup of black coffee on an empty stomach. However, since I don’t eat butter, I have yet to try the traditional bulletproof coffee and I cannot vouch for the validity of these claims.

Is bulletproof coffee healthy?

I’m not a dietitian or nutritionist, and since I’ve never tried traditional Bulletproof coffee containing grass-fed butter, I don’t have much to say scientifically and nutritionally about this question. As someone on a plant-based diet, I don’t plan on drinking 2-4 tablespoons of butter and oil in my coffee anytime soon. However, I love the idea of ​​adding healthy fats to my coffee to keep the caffeine spikes at bay and add a rich, frothy finish to my coffee.

Should I eat something with Bulletproof coffee?

Because Bulletproof Coffee is so high in fat and calories, it’s meant to be a meal replacement, not something you drink alongside a traditional breakfast. But if you want to enjoy something besides this vegan bulletproof coffee, I say go for it!

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📖 Recipe

Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

Faith Vandermolen

Jazz up your usual morning coffee by infusing healthy fats into your coffee to make this creamy, filling vegan bulletproof coffee!

Q. Time 5 minutes

total time 5 minutes

course Coffee

cuisine US

serving 1 bhajana

calories 175 kcal



Worship: 1gCalories: 175kcalSugars: 2gProtein: 2gFat: 18gSaturated Fat: 10gPolyunsaturated Fats: 7gCholesterol: 31mgSodium: 119mgFiber: 1g

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