Vegan Dumplings: Where to Buy and the All-Important Recipe

Legend has it that Chinese dumplings were first created not by a chef or home cook, but by a pharmacologist and physician named Zhang Zhongjian. During the Han Dynasty, which began in 206 BC, a bitter winter caused many villagers to develop frostbite around their ears. Zhongjian noticed this, and to cure their ailments, he allegedly cooked the meat with herbs (which are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine), and then wrapped them in scraps of flour before folding them to look like ears.

Unknown if Zhongjian’s recipe actually The villager’s frostbite helped to cure any of the skin, but it is likely that the food – now known as dumplings – went down as a treat, as it is still popular. And not just in China, but all over the world. Here’s everything you need to know about dumplings, including how to get your hands on vegetarian versions and how to make them yourself.

What are dumplings?

Dumplings are a very common dish. Like Zhongjian’s alleged first creation, in Asian cuisine, they are usually dough (often made from just flour, water, and salt), which is then folded around a variety of ingredients. They can be sweet or savory, and while many choose seafood or meat to fill their dumplings, they are just as tasty as plain vegetables or tofu. Dumplings are not always cooked the same way; Depending on the kind of texture you’re after, they can be fried, steamed or boiled.

Types of dumplings

The world is filled with many, many different types of dumplings. Shui Xiao For example, dumplings are popular throughout Asia and are usually boiled. At a dim sum restaurant, however, you often will Xiaolongbao Dumplings These are usually packed with pork (although, nowadays, you can find many variations on the menu) and served in a steaming basket made of bamboo.

Pan-fried dumplings are another option, and in northern China, where they originated, they are commonly called guti dumplings. But in the US, you’ll often hear them referred to as “potstickers” (so called because when they’re fried, they stick to the side of the pot or, more often, the wok). Wonton dumplings are usually served in soup, while gyoza dumplings, another popular option in the United States, originated in Japan, and resemble potstickers.

But while Asian varieties are incredibly popular, dumplings aren’t exclusive to the East. Traditional Polish dumplings, for example, are called pierogi. In Italy, there are ravioli. and in Germany, Potato dumplings Refers to potato dumplings. In Britain, dumplings are usually made with suet dough and served with stew.

Are dumplings vegetarian?

Although many cultures and countries serve dumplings, here we will focus on the many favorites of the Asian variety. And the good news is, because doughs are usually made from flour, water, and salt, they’re easy to make vegetarian. The key is filling.

Pork, shrimp, and beef, for example, are popular fillings, but since they’re all animal products, they’re not (necessarily) vegetarian. That said, vegetarian meat (often labeled as mock meat) has been served throughout Asia for centuries, meaning it’s possible to find vegetarian meat dumplings on restaurant menus. Other common vegan dumpling fillings include carrot, onion, mushroom, ginger, cabbage, tofu, and garlic.

Brands that make vegan dumplings

It’s easier than ever to stock your fridge, freezer or pantry with vegan dumplings, so the next time the craving hits, you’re ready to go. Here are some of our favorite options.


1 Dinner dumplings

If you’re hosting an event, Dina’s Dumpling’s Food Truck is guaranteed to keep all your guests well fed and satisfied. But you don’t have to throw a party to enjoy its dumpling delights. Those living near Pasadena, CA can also order dinner dumplings for delivery. Try the frozen vegan dumplings, packed with purple and green cabbage, wood ear and shiitake mushrooms, and organic tofu.
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VegNews.vegandumplings.kingsdumplingKing’s Dumplings

2 King’s Dumplings

Described by Good Rebel Vegan as “deliciously chewy little pillows,” these delicious dumplings are packed with vegetables like bok choy, carrots, and mushrooms, but also contain vegetarian minced beef. So, if you grew up loving dumplings with meat, this is the choice for you. For best flavor, serve with hoisin sauce for dipping.
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VegNews.vegandumplings.nasoyaI like it

3 I like it

Available at major grocery store chains like Kroger and Walmart, tofu brand Nassau offers a few different flavored, vegan dumplings. Depending on your personal preference, the brand offers Thai basil options as well as Korean barbecue. There are also simple (but just as delicious) tofu vegetable dumplings.
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VegNews.vegandumpling.dumplingdaughterDumpling daughter

4 Dumpling daughter

Nadia Liu Spelman grew up on dumplings. According to the founder and CEO of Dumpling Daughter, both her mother and grandmother were avid home cooks, and their best, most comforting recipes always involved dumplings. Spellman is now an expert on dumplings, and he loves them so much, he’s made them his career

If you live near Cambridge, Weston, or Brookline, Massachusetts, you can enjoy the Dumpling Daughter experience firsthand. But if you don’t live nearby, you don’t have to miss out. The chain’s online store offers several vegan options. If you’re in the mood for some food, you can try the vegan dream selection, which comes complete with mixed vegetable buns, mixed vegetable dumplings, red bean puree buns and spicy sweet soy.
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5 Mushu

Located in Ottawa, Canada, Mushu’s staple is delicious ice cream (you have to try the vegan dalgona and coffee). But its delicious vegan frozen dumplings are also available to order online. Depending on your personal preference, there are a few different options to try, including cabbage and shiitake, curried sweet potato and spicy cumin and lentils.
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Vegan Dumpling Restaurant

Want the full restaurant experience? All of these eateries in New York and Los Angeles offer delicious vegan dumplings. Once you have tried them, you will be complete obsession.

VegNews.vegandumplings.inomoniInomomi is vegan

1 Inomomi is vegan

Located in and around Greater Los Angeles, pop-up Innomonie is a must-try for all Southern California eateries. Its dumpling menu goes above and beyond the standard veggie-filled dumplings (though they certainly have their place). Try the vegan crystal shrimp dumplings, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, try the crispy lobster-less cheese wontons. You will not regret it.
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VegNews.vegandumplings.vegangloryVegan Glory

2 Vegan Glory

Also in Los Angeles, you can order a delicious feast from Thai-Asian restaurant Vegan Glory. The veggie dumplings are a must. But enjoy a mouth-watering vegan feast with them, including Citrus Soy Pork Spareribs, Golden Tofu, Beef Jerky and Chicken Satay.
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VegNews.vegandumplings.vegetariandimsumhouseVegetarian Dim Sum House

3 Vegetarian Dim Sum House

Shark fin is a Chinese delicacy, but due to its effects on shark populations, the real thing has been widely criticized. Instead, take part in the tradition except Order the shark fin dumplings at the real animal, vegetarian dim sum house. But if that’s not your style, the New York-based eatery also offers a mock shrimp filling, as well as spinach and watercress.
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4Spicy Moon

Spicy Moon has two New York locations, in the East Village and the West Village. Everything on the menu is animal-free, and its best sellers include its handmade steamed vegetable dumplings and its wontons in chili oil. The mapo tofu is also a must try.
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VegNews.vegandumpling.dumplingman (1)@dumplingmanic/Instagram

5 Dumpling Man

With fresh, authentic ingredients, Dumpling Man is arguably one of New York’s best eateries to visit when a dumpling craving hits. Its veggie dumplings are filled with a mix of wheat protein and soft and firm tofu, as well as mushrooms, sesame oil, jicama and bok choy.
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How to Make Vegetarian Dumplings

When it comes to making dumplings at home, you have a few options. You can make life really easy by buying dumpling wrappers from the store. Or, if you have the time, energy and desire, you can make dough from home. Next, all you have to do is choose your filling. Stir-fried veggies are a classic, or you can add vegan meat (omnipork is a great choice!), then fold in the filling and cook. For further guidance, we’ve collected these vegan dumpling recipes for you to try.

Vegan Dumpling Recipe

WC.vegnews.siumaiLGHannah Kaminsky

1 Vegan Chicken Dumplings

Simple, yet incredibly delicious. When you’re feeling like a fake, cook up some of these delicious dim-sum dumplings with your favorite vegan chicken. For that authentic Chinese takeout taste, add five-spice and hoisin sauce.
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VegNews.vegandumplings.goodoldveganGood old vegan/@chez.jorge

2 Pan fried dumplings

Potstickers are always a crowd-pleaser. If you’re hosting guests, fill these delicious parcels with meaty TVP, shiitake mushrooms and plenty of shredded cabbage. They taste just like regular pork and vegetable dumplings!
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VegNews.vegandumplings.redhousespiceRed House Spice

3 Dumplings with spicy dipping sauce

If you like your dumplings with a touch of heat on the side, make this flavorful dipping sauce with chili flakes and ground Sichuan pepper. It’s so good, you’ll soon be serving it alongside everything you cook.
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VegNews.vegandumplings.eastmeetskitchenEast Meats Kitchen

4 Vegan Pork and Cabbage Dumplings

Although dumplings can have a variety of fillings, pork is the most traditional. Stick to the original with this vegan pork and cabbage dumpling recipe, which again uses TVP.
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VegNews.vegandumplings.rabbitsnadwolvesRabbit and wolf

5 Sesame Tofu Dumplings

For extra crunch, add nutritious sesame seeds to your dumplings. They perfectly complement the crumbled tofu and the delicious green onions. And don’t forget the sweet pepper dip!
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