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Today we show you how easy it is to make plant-based Japanese “ebi” mayo, stir-fried vegan shrimp with a spicy mayo sauce.

frequently asked Questions

What is Ebi Mayo?

Ebi mayo is a simple Japanese appetizer dish consisting of prawns (prawns) coated in a light tempura-like batter, deep fried, and then smothered in a flavored mayo sauce.

Is Classic Mayo Shrimp Vegan?

The classic mayo shrimp recipe is not vegan as it is made with shrimp, usually tiger or king prawns, or shrimp.

Also, the shrimp are first fried and then coated in a mayonnaise-based sauce that contains eggs.

So since ebi mayo contains both seafood and eggs, it is not suitable for people on a plant-based diet or with fish or egg allergies.

How to make Japanese Ebi Mayo vegan?

You can make Japanese ebi mayo vegan by substituting a plant-based alternative for shrimp and an egg-free mayo sauce for mayonnaise.

For the shrimp, you can use store-bought vegan shrimp, or opt for meaty mushrooms like shiitake or king oysters, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, or plantains.

As for the mayo, you can use store-bought vegan mayonnaise or make a healthier mayo sauce using our Low Fat Vegan Cashew Mayo Recipe.

Then use the cashew mayonnaise as a base for the ebi sauce.

How do vegan shrimp taste like fish?

If you want your vegan shrimp substitute to have a seafood flavor, consider mixing or marinating it with ingredients like miso paste, nori seaweed flakes, and lemon juice.

Both miso paste and nori add a powerful umami flavor to vegan shrimp.

Nori, in particular, with its salty and salty flavor can add seafood flavor to many vegan recipes.

Finally, lemon is typically drizzled onto fish, and its acidity helps balance the flavors.

What batter do you use to fry shrimp in ebi mayo?

Light and crispy tempura batter is the best batter for frying shrimp in this ebi mayonnaise recipe.

Tempura batter is a simple mixture of flour, salt, and ice-cold sparkling water.

It makes your vegan ebi mayo topping super crunchy and light.

Is ebi mayo like ebi tempura?

Both ebi mayo and ebi tempura are Japanese appetizers made with breaded and fried shrimp (ebi).

Both recipes use a flour and sparkling water batter called tempura batter, but in Ebi Mayo, the fried shrimp are also slathered in a mayo-based sauce.

What sauce do you use in shrimp mayonnaise?

The sauce used in Japanese Ebi Shrimp Mayo is a mayonnaise-based sweet and sour sauce.

It usually consists of mayonnaise mixed with sugar, vinegar, and a savory sauce such as ketchup, soy sauce, or hot sauce.

To make our ebi mayo sauce vegan, we swapped out regular mayo for our egg-free cashew mayo, which is super easy to make at home.

Then we mixed it with sriracha sauce which is sweet, sour and spicy.

How do you serve mayo ebi tempura?

You can eat ebi mayo neat or serve it on a bed of crispy turnip greens that often accompanies this dish in restaurants.

Another way to use shrimp mayonnaise is as a filling for sushi rolls or as a topping for rice or soba noodle dishes.

Try them in place of tofu in our Vegan Crunchy Roll Sushi or add them to this Japanese Garlic Fried Rice.

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