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This easy vegan frittata without eggs is crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside, and tastes just as good as a regular egg frittata! It’s great for meal prep, and works as a healthy breakfast, lunch, or light dinner. It’s also a great base recipe that you can change up in so many different ways (see our 6 variation ideas below!) You definitely will not miss the eggs in this vegan breakfast frittata recipe!

Are you looking to add more plant based meals to your diet? This vegetarian frittata recipe is made without the traditional eggs, cheese or milk, yet still has a satisfyingly rich flavor and can be loaded up with all your favorite veggies. 

Frittatas are basically a crustless quiche – they are traditionally are either baked or fried and have a soft yet slightly firm texture. They also happen to be one of my favorite classic recipes!

The word frittata actually is Italian in origin and means to “fry,” – it was a typical way to describe any egg dish cooked in a pan with butter or oil.

In our recipe, though, we will be using a tofu base “egg” mixture instead of regular eggs, and will be baking it to get that nice crispy exterior and creamy texture – similar to a traditional frittata.

You can serve this vegan frittata as an appetizer, side dish, breakfast, lunch, or dinner – it pretty much works for any meal. And unlike a regular frittata with eggs, this plant based version is healthier as it’s lower in saturated fat, cholesterol and calories per serving, but is still packed with protein!

The best part? You can customize this recipe in so many different ways! Feel free to change up the veggie filling, add different toppings, or even try this recipe using either chickpea flour or just egg (see our variations section below for more detailed instructions on how to do this)!

No matter how you make it, I guarantee this dairy free frittata will quickly become one of your favorite recipes!

👩🏽‍🍳 Why This Recipe Works

  • Only 15 min of prep time!
  • Easy to customize – 6 different variations below!
  • Great for meal prep
  • Offers a good source of protein for breakfast or any mealtime!
  • Contains NO dairy, eggs or meat
  • Great recipe for anyone with dietary allergies
  • Gluten free
  • Fun breakfast for a special occasion
  • Best vegan frittata recipe ever!

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🥘 Ingredients

This vegan frittata recipe calls for just a handful of ingredients, easily found at your local grocery store or your pantry. If you have trouble locating nutritional yeast, oftentimes it can be found in the health food section.

ingredients for healthy easy meatless vegetarian and vegan frittata recipe in a cast iron skillet
  • Silken Tofu: The main ingredient in this dish! This is a Japanese style tofu that has a smoother consistency than regular tofu, helping to give this recipe an egg-like flavor and texture. It can be found in the refrigerated section next to the produce or served shelf stable in a Tetra pack. Do not use firm or extra firm tofu for this vegan frittata with tofu! It will have the wrong consistency.
  • Nutritional Yeast: A vegan food product used in cooking with a cheesy, nutty and egg flavor. It contains B vitamins, protein and minerals such as zinc and selenium. If you can’t find nutritional yeast, you can also use a pinch of kala namak – a black salt (also known as also known as Himalayan black salt or sea salt) which also has an eggy flavor.
  • Cornstarch or Tapioca Starch: These are both very similar types of thickeners and can be used interchangeably with this tofu frittata recipe. Corn starch comes from, well, corn, where tapioca flour is sourced from the root of the Cassava plant.
  • Turmeric, Garlic Powder, Salt, Black Pepper: Turmeric is a spice from Southeast Asia that is earthy, slightly bitter and peppery. It also gives this veggie loaded frittata its yellow color. Using garlic powder instead of garlic salt makes a huge difference in this recipe. It helps to give it more of an intense garlic flavor. Regular salt + pepper helps to enhance all the delicious flavors in this tofu frittata. Feel free to add crushed red pepper for additional spice.
  • Olive Oil: Using olive oil over other types of oils such as canola or vegetable helps to increase the amount of healthy omega-3 fats in this egg free frittata. Omega-3 fats are healthy fats and have been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Plant Based Milk: A plant based milk is an alternative to dairy. Sources include hemp, oat, almond, coconut, rice or soy milk. Any unsweetened plant based milk will work in this silken tofu frittata.
  • Veggies: I used red onion (which has a milder flavor than white onion), tomato (for its tangy + sweet flavor), zucchini (or courgette), red bell pepper (which is rich in Vitamin C), and potato (to make this plant based frittata even more filling). This is a great recipe for using up leftover vegetables — pretty much any veggie works in this dish!

🔪 How To Make A Vegan Frittata

Making this vegan vegetable frittata is a breeze and takes only 15 minutes of prep time! Here’s how to make it:

Heat Oil, Onions, Add Vegetables: Heat the olive oil in an oven-proof skillet (a cast iron skillet or oven-safe pan can be used) over medium to medium high heat. Add the onion and saute for 3-5 minutes until lightly brown. Add potato, zucchini, bell pepper and tomato. Cook for another 2 minutes.

veggies in a pan

Prepare Tofu Mixture: In a high-speed blender or food processor, blend the tofu, nutritional yeast, cornstarch, turmeric and plant based milk until smooth.

tofu mixture in food processor

Mix Together: Pour the tofu mixture over the cooked vegetables directly into the oven-safe skillet and mix everything together.

tofu mixture added to veggies in pan

Bake & Serve: Bake for 35-40 minutes at 375 degrees F (180 C) until this vegetable frittata is set in the middle, the edges of the frittata are light brown, and the dish is slightly golden on top. Let it cool down for 5 minutes and slice into 8 even slices. Serve with fresh herbs such as dill or parsley. Top this vegan tofu frittata with optional toppings of vegan cheese, avocado or cherry tomatoes.

healthy easy meatless vegetarian and vegan frittata recipe in a cast iron skillet

💭 Expert Tips

  • The type of tofu you use matters. For best results, be sure to use silken tofu instead of regular tofu or extra-firm tofu to create that creamy rich texture that makes it so good!
  • Make sure to season and cook your veggies. Tofu tends to take on the flavors of anything its paired with, and cooking your veggies is important if you want to avoid a watery frittata! Uncooked veggies will release extra moisture into your frittata, but cooked veggies help the dish to stay the right texture and consistency.
  • Don’t overcook. This non dairy frittata should be cooked until it’s just set in the center — overcooking it will dry it out.
  • Let it rest before slicing. This helps this simple frittata stay together better!
  • To meal prep this recipe, just prepare your vegetable vegan frittata until you’re ready to bake, cover it and place it in the fridge. Then just bake according to the instructions above when you’re ready to eat it!

🙌 Vegan Frittata Filling Ideas

  • Mediterranean Frittata: Swap out the veggies in this recipe for a combination of sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, spinach, red onions, roasted red pepper, basil, and vegan feta cheese.
  • Mexican Frittata: Try this recipe for veggie frittata with black beans, corn, bell peppers, jalapenos, red onions, cilantro and vegan cheddar cheese (add salsa and guacamole as a topping)!
  • Mushroom And Spinach: Instead of the veggies we used, try diced cremini mushrooms, baby spinach, caramelized onions, garlic, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, and vegan mozzarella or parmesan cheese.
  • Roasted Vegetable Frittata: Instead of sauteeing the veggies, roast them instead! You can also try different roasted veggies like roasted sweet potatoes, roasted eggplant, or roasted tomatoes.
  • Green Veggies: Load up this vegan baked frittata with all green veggies! Try broccoli florets, asparagus spears, green peas, green beans, green onions, fresh dill or parsley, and baby spinach. Or make just a plain vegan spinach frittata by using only baby spinach as your green veggie in this recipe!
  • Classic Vegetable Combinations: Feel free to add extra vegetables or different veggie combos to this eggless frittata recipe. Here are some classic combinations to try:
    • Asparagus And Leek: I recommend dicing your asparagus and leeks small, then sauteeing them, and following the rest of the instructions in this recipe.
    • Mushrooms And Onions: You can either roast or saute your favorite type of mushrooms and onions before adding them to the tofu mixture!
    • Zucchini And Summer Squash: Roast your favorite summer squashes, and use them instead of the mixed veggies to make a vegan zucchini frittata.
    • Broccoli And Cauliflower: Remove all the stalks, dice your broccoli and cauliflower into small florets, saute, and combine with your frittata mixture.
    • Potatoes And Sweet Potatoes: Make a vegan potato frittata by using a mix of roasted potatoes instead of the veggies in this healthy frittata recipe.

📖 Variations

You can modify this delicious frittata in so many different ways! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Vegan Chickpea Frittata: You can make a chickpea flour frittata if you’re not a fan of tofu or want to avoid soy. Try this recipe for a frittata using chickpea flour!
  • Vegan Frittata With Just Egg: Just Egg is made from mung beans, and also works as a frittata base! Try this recipe for a just egg frittata.
  • Mini Frittatas: Pour the mixture into a muffin pan to make miniature versions for a fun vegan breakfast. Bake at 375 degrees for 20-35 minutes until cooked through.

🍽 Serving Suggestions

There are so many ways to serve this delicious vegan frittata! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Different Toppings: This vegan frittata tastes great topped with avocado slices, salsa, hot sauce, your favorite vegan sauce, or crushed red pepper flakes. To take the flavor up a notch be sure to add fresh herbs as well. I enjoy dill, chives, parsley or cilantro. You can also try toppings like vegan cheese, vegan sour cream, sliced tomatoes, microgreens, or a balsamic drizzle!
  • Hearty Sides: Try it with vegan garlic bread and fried breakfast potatoes and onions, or with these biscuits without baking powder & vegan gravy.
  • Roasted Veggies: Roasted green beans and potatoes, air fryer carrots, air fryer brussels sprouts, or roasted broccoli and potatoes make a great side for this veggie frittata.
  • Salad: This recipe tastes great served cold or at room temperature, with a lighter side salad. Try this breakfast fruit salad or fresh fruit or this tomato avocado cucumber salad.
  • In A Wrap Or Sandwich: Use this vegan egg frittata as a filling for a wrap or sandwich – and add your favorite fresh veggies and sauces! You can also slice it thinly and add it to breakfast toast as a topping, or serve it alongside avocado toast or mushroom toast.

🫙 Storage Directions

To Store In The Fridge: Vegetable frittatas make healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner leftovers. Let the dish cool completely, then transfer to an airtight container. It will keep in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.
To Reheat: Warm in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes or until warmed through. You can also heat this no egg frittata in the microwave — heat for 30 seconds at a time until warm.

❓Recipe FAQs

What is the difference between traditional frittata and an omelete?

A regular frittata is typically an egg dish, similar to an omelet, but instead of cooking the eggs in a pan, the cooked vegetables and eggs are combined in a skillet, and then are transferred to the oven and baked together.

Additionally, a frittata is cooked slowly over low heat, and then baked. An omelet is cooked over higher heat on the stove, more quickly.

Omelets are typically served hot, but frittatas can be served hot, room temperature or cold. They are also less finicky than omelets and don’t need to be “watched” the way an omelet does since there is no risk of overcooking it.

What is vegan frittata made of?

Instead of real eggs, which are traditionally used in a frittata, vegan versions typically use tofu or chickpeas as the main ingredient to achieve a similar texture. Here are the key ingredients commonly found in a vegan frittata: egg-replacement based (tofu, chickpeas, or just egg), fresh vegetables, seasonings and herbs, and optional toppings or additions (e.g. vegan cheese, vegan sausage crumbles, etc.)


Yes! This vegan version of a frittata offers a variety of healthy ingredients – from the vitamin packed vegetables to the antioxidant rich nutritional yeast. It’s a great way to get a lot of protein into your diet, while still being low carb and plant based. One huge piece of this meatless frittata has under 200 calories, 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber!

Why is my frittata soggy?

Typically, frittatas turn out to be soggy for two main reasons:
1) Too much moisture: This can happen if you don’t saute or roast your veggies ahead of time. Make sure you also drain any excess liquid from the veggie mixture before adding it to your frittata base.
2) Undercooking: Make sure to fully cook your eggless vegan frittata until it’s set in the center but still slightly jiggly in the pan.

healthy easy meatless vegetarian and vegan frittata recipe in a cast iron skillet

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📋 Recipe Card

Vegan Frittata

This easy vegan frittata without eggs is crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside, and tastes just as good as a regular egg frittata! It’s great for meal prep, and works as a healthy breakfast, lunch, or light dinner. It’s also a great base recipe that you can change up in so many different ways. You definitely will not miss the eggs in this vegan breakfast frittata recipe!

Prep Time15 minutes

Cook Time40 minutes

Total Time55 minutes

Course: Breakfast, Brunch

Cuisine: American, Vegan

Diet: Gluten Free, Low Lactose, Vegan, Vegetarian

Servings: 4 servings

Calories: 187kcal

  • For best results, be sure to use silken tofu instead of regular tofu to create that creamy rich texture that makes it so good!
  • Feel free to throw any leftover vegetables into this dish!
  • You can meal prep this recipe – just prepare the frittata until you’re ready to bake, cover it and place it in the fridge. Then just bake according to the instructions below when you’re ready to eat it!
  • Try serving cold with a side salad for a quick lunch meal when you’re on the go.

Serving: 1piece | Calories: 187kcal | Carbohydrates: 26g | Protein: 8g | Fat: 6g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 3g | Sodium: 36mg | Potassium: 749mg | Fiber: 4g | Sugar: 6g

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