Vegan Tacos | Cathy’s Vegan Kitchen

Whether you prefer soft tacos, hard tacos, corn tortillas or flour tortillas, vegan tacos is a weekly treat in our house. Here are some of my favorite vegan taco recipes.

Various vegetarian taco recipes are illustrated: cauliflower, tempeh and lentil.  Choose the vegan tacos you like best.

It’s Taco Tuesday, and that means vegan tacos in my house! Do you know where Taco Tuesday comes from? In 1989, Taco Johns trademarked “Taco Tuesday” 1989. Originally, “Taco Twosday” was an advertisement for two tacos for 99 cents in the early 1980s. Since then, however, Taco Tuesday has become a national phenomenon. And with a variety of vegan taco recipes, I thought I should share my love of vegan tacos with you.