Vietnamese Pork and Seafood Noodle Soup (Hu Tieu Mi) – Vicky Pham

How to make hủ tiếu broth

Step 1: Blanch the pork bones

This step will help remove any impurities and ensure a clear broth. Rinse the pork bones under cold water and place in a saucepan of boiling water. Cook for 8 minutes, then drain and rinse again.

Step 2: Roast the flavors and dried seafood

Place the yellow onions, dried shrimp, and dried squid on a baking sheet and toast in a small toaster until fragrant.

Step 3: Prepare the broth

Place the blanched pork bones, roasted yellow onions, roasted dried shrimp, roasted dried squid, and radish in a clean saucepan. Cover with water and bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for about two hours. Skim off the foam that rises to the surface. Remove all solids from the pot. Season to taste with salt, sugar, MSG and bouillon powder.

Step 4: Prepare the Other Ingredients (Vegetables, Side Dishes, and Protein Toppings)

Preparing the broth is the main step, but what makes the dish special are all the other small components. More information below.

Step 5: Serve

To serve, place cooked noodles in a bowl. Add your meaty toppings. Add your veggies. Pour in hot broth and garnish with pickled jalapenos, seared pork lard, seared shallots, scallions, and freshly ground black pepper.

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