Vietnamese Pork Rib Soup with Potatoes, Carrots and Cauliflower (Canh Suon Khoai Tay Ca Rot Bong Cai Trang) – Vicky Pham

carrots, potatoes and cauliflower — Carrots add natural sweetness to the broth and why no additional sugar is needed. If you don’t have carrots, use its albino cousins, daikons, or parsnips. Cauliflower can be substituted with broccoli. However, the greens can ooze out and darken the broth if overcooked.

Green Onions — You can’t have an Asian dish without scallions. If you don’t have scallions, use cilantro.

fish sauce — The most important flavoring substance of Southeast Asia.

Salt — Some salt, because too much of a good thing (fish sauce) can lead to a fishy smell.

Chicken or mushroom broth powder — The ultimate Vietnamese comfort food cheat and why our moms’ soups taste so good. Yes, it does contain a bit of MSG. Yes, you can omit it and replace it with some salt.

Ground black pepper – Because it’s great.

Shallots, garlic and spring onion whites/spring onions — Our key flavorings for this amazing Asian perfume.

neutral oil — Just a little to roast the flavors. I use vegetable oil.

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