We’re crazy about The Crazy Cucumber, the best pickles in Columbus

Central Ohio enjoys a number of great farmers markets; our go-to place is the Worthington Farmers Market. And our favorite stop is The Crazy Cucumber, who we think makes the best pickles in Central Ohio.

The Crazy Cucumber is based in Johnstown, but appears in markets throughout Ohio.

If you check the Find Us page on their website, you’ll get an updated list of market appearances for each week. You can see them popping up everywhere from Worthington and Dublin to Medina and North Canton to Granville and Delaware, and many stops in between.

They usually come in at least 15 flavors, although it varies by week.

Here you can see their full range, from sweet and mild to spicy.

We’ve tried so many over the years and loved them all, but some of our favorites include:

  • Dill pickle
  • ranch
  • horseradish
  • sweet heat

The Sweet Heat is my personal favorite. It has tiny pieces of pickled cauliflower and pearl onions, and perfectly balances a rich sweetness with jalapeño-level heat.

At the Worthington Farmers Market, where we regularly get our pickle fix, you’ll almost always see a line for The Crazy Cucumber. So be prepared, but know that it goes fast and it’s worth it.

If we’re exploring with a group, we’ll often designate one person to wait in the “pickle line” while the rest continue shopping.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to say hello to owner Katie Varga—she opened Crazy Cucumber with her dad almost a decade ago!

The crazy cucumber
Website: the-crazycucumber.com
FB: The Crazy Cucumber
IG: @thecrazycucumberllc

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