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In an effort to stop the “I’m booooooooored!” grumbling before it starts, I’ve been researching all things summer activities and wanted to share a few options and ideas that I have on my list with you!

Summer Activities at Home List

  • Outschool.com – I have Ryan already signed up for a Sports Analytics and Statistics class, and there are SO MANY other non-academic options on the website. You can click here to create a new account and receive a $20 credit on your first class.
  • Whis-Kid Cooking Lessons – that’s right…my boys will be doing more of the cooking lessons that we hosted in the spring. I have pulled all of our cooking lessons into the new Whis-Kid Student Guidebook (available June 10th – tell me you’re interested here!) from our School Cancellation Kids Cooking Lessons series. The boys will work through the lessons that they didn’t participate in. I’d love to invite your kids into the kitchen with us – and we will teach them how to cook some amazing meals! Tap here to learn more about my Whis-Kid Cooking Lessons, or you can order below! 
  • Reading clubs –  as many as I can find. We have 1 emerging reader who needs lots of “word time,” and I have 2 struggling readers who could use this extra time for added enrichment and practice. 
  • Adventurous and engaging nature walk and collage – I accidentally did this with my youngest son on a recent bike ride (him) – run (me). We went almost 5 miles through a nearby park and saw 7 different animals. Next time, we’ll be collecting items in his backpack to make a nature collage! 
  • Host a impromptu dance party – tell Alexa to put one some jams and dance, dance, dance! Not only is this a great way to get your body moving, it’s likely to improve everyone’s mood as well!
  • Create your own water fun in the backyard – set up your own splash pad with sprinklers and a small pool. Grab some water guns and have a family water gun fight. 
  • Amazon’s Kids Book Box Subscription – sign up for something fun and engaging to read this summer. Plus, it’s always fun for kids to get a box in the mail with their name on it. Check out the different age and box options here.


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